Reach Your Perfect
Facebook Audience

Explore 1000's of hidden and
niche interests unavailable with standard Facebook interface.

Reach Your Perfect Facebook Audience

Take the Guesswork out of Your Interest Targeting

Spend less on your Facebook Ads and get better results

Create in Bulk
Expand Your Targeting

Discover untapped low-competition interests that
are hidden from most advertisers.

Automate Routines
Speed up Your Research

Filter your interests list by size, type or category and
add them to your selection.

Expand Your Targeting
Maximize your ROAS

Spend less on irrelevant traffic with an audience
that is truly interested in your good or service.

Create multiple ad variations at once

Sort and Filter Your Interests to Find
Even More Low-Competition Audience

Easily find the most profitable interests with powerful search engine, smart
filters and sorting options unavailable with standard Facebook interface.

  • point Browse a neatly sorted list of interests, its sizes and categories
  • point Get insight into each interest with a quick research option
  • point Filter interest using any of available parameters

Create Hyper-Focused Advertising
Based on People's Interests

Include interest layering in your targeting options to
acquire and convert new profitable audiences.

  • point Build more specific and narrow audience by overlapping various interests
  • point Build audience as complex as you need with a drag-and-drop interface
  • point Apply created interests directly to your Ad Set in a single click or
    export it to a CSV file
Create multiple ad variations at once

What Our Users Say about Us


I was looking for something like this: a tool to do some manual work for me. I thought it would be an assistant though... but ConvertBomb combines all I need for ad creation and management

Paul Brenson
Paul Brenson

Social marketing specialist


We’ve been using ConvertBomb for a month now and it’s a real catch. A/B testing ad campaigns is crucial and with ConvertBomb it’s also super easy.

Robert Trego
Robert Trego

Project Manager


Thanks to ConvertBomb, I discovered the world of ad automation and tactics. Much easier than on Facebook, so it’s been a great help.

Rachel Burns
Rachel Burns

Social media manager


With ConvertBomb we increased our ROAS by 150% which is an incredible result. Delegating control over your ads to automation software was the best idea to control our ad spend.

Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones

Product manager

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