Bring Facebook ads
Automation to the Next Level

Optimize your Facebook ad campaigns and
generate more sales for your business

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Automations Take a Load of Work
Off Your Shoulders

Convertbomb will keep an eye on your ads performance so that you don't miss on important performance changes 24/7

Create in Bulk
Automate Routines

Automate any action that can be taken on your
ads to optimize them with a more intuitive
version of Facebook automated rules.

Automate Routines
Save Time Spent in Ads Manager

Spare yourself the need to constantly
monitor your ads 24/7 while keeping them
at the top of their performance.

Expand Your Targeting
Make Management Easier

Connect multiple Ad accounts to create
automated rules for different projects and
manage all your ad campaigns in one place.

The Most Flexible & Configurable ad
Automation Tool for Facebook

Simple interface

Simple Interface

Set up rules quickly with an
intuitive interface

Automation Logs

Automation Logs

Learn why a particular rule
didn’t work on some items

Combining actions

Combining Actions

Combine multiple actions
inside one automation tactic

Custom schedule

Custom Schedule

Set the most profitable time for
your ads to run

Metric comparisons

Metric Comparison

Compare one metric to another for the selected timeframe



Get notification about triggered
rules sent to your email

Custom metrics

Custom Metrics

Create custom metrics to tailor
conditions to your needs

Immediate actions

Immediate Actions

Get real-time reactions for most
of the metrics

Explore ways to improve your ad performance with automated reports on KPIs

Explore Ways to Improve Your Ad Performance with Automated Reports on KPIs

Use Bulk creation to upload headlines, copies and images
in bulk and generate dozens of ad variations.

Stay Up-to-Date with Changes

Get ad reports sent to email of your
team members or clients

Share Ad Performance Reports

Customize performance dashboards
to show off your ad results

Discover the Best Audiences

Analyze the performance of different
groups of audiences

Creative Performance

Compare how a headline, a copy or
an image is perceived by an audience

What Our Users Say about Us


I was looking for something like this: a tool to do some manual work for me. I thought it would be an assistant though... but ConvertBomb combines all I need for ad creation and management

Paul Brenson
Paul Brenson

Social marketing specialist


We’ve been using ConvertBomb for a month now and it’s a real catch. A/B testing ad campaigns is crucial and with ConvertBomb it’s also super easy.

Robert Trego
Robert Trego

Project Manager


Thanks to ConvertBomb, I discovered the world of ad automation and tactics. Much easier than on Facebook, so it’s been a great help.

Rachel Burns
Rachel Burns

Social media manager


With ConvertBomb we increased our ROAS by 150% which is an incredible result. Delegating control over your ads to automation software was the best idea to control our ad spend.

Naomi Jones
Naomi Jones

Product manager

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