Automate & Optimize
Your Advertising

Optimize your ad campaigns using technologies and
marketing specialists’ experience to maximize your results.

Digital Marketing Platform for Beginners and Professionals

Always-On Campaign Monitoring and Optimization Rules

Drop the manual work and gain more time to focus on strategy and creativity.

Save Your Time and Money

Spare yourself the need to constantly monitor your ads while keeping them at the top of their performance.

Immediately React to Any Changes

Set your ad account on auto-pilot and don't miss out on any important ad performance changes 24/7.

Apply Best Practices

Use the list of prebuilt strategies based on ad experts’ experience to benefit from proven tactics.

Spend Less Time on Ads Management

Configure powerful automation rules to handle even the most complex optimization scenarios.

Automate routines

Focus on what really matters, like strategy and creatives.

Scale campaigns

Scale your campaigns without increasing workload.


The Most Flexible & Configurable Ad Automation Tool

Simple interface Simple Interface

Set up rules quickly with an intuitive interface

Combining actions Combining Actions

Combine multiple actions inside one automation tactic

Metric comparisons Metric Comparison

Compare one metric to another for the selected timeframe

Custom metrics Custom Metrics

Create custom metrics to tailor conditions to your needs

Automation Logs

Learn why a particular rule didn’t work for the selected items

Custom Schedule

Set the most profitable time for your ads to run


Get notifications about triggered rules sent to specified channel

Immediate Actions

Automate most of the ad management routines

Set Ads Management
on Autopilot

ConvertBomb keeps an eye on your ads performance 24/7
so that you don't miss out on important performance

  • Mark Adjust bid based on results
  • Mark Pause underperforming ads
  • Mark Increase budget for ads that convert

Adopt Strategies Built
by Marketing Experts

Gain competitive advantage by applying result-
oriented set of rules to your ad campaigns. Let best
digital marketing practices and algorithms work
together to scale your real life success.


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